Describe a group of people meeting to rehearse or practise.

IGCSE First Language English 0500, October-November 2023 Variant 1 – Paper 2, Question 3.

Prompt: Describe a group of people meeting to rehearse or practise.


Under the flickering lights of the dilapidated community hall, a group of individuals from disparate walks of life converge, bound by a shared resolve to breathe life into an ancient play. The air hums with anticipation and the scrape of chairs against the worn wooden floor marks the beginning of their rehearsal. No grand stage awaits them, no audience clamors for their performance yet, within this circle of makeshift artists, a palpable sense of purpose thrives.

Maria, a retired school teacher with a passion for Shakespeare, assumes the role of director, her voice steady and encouraging as she navigates her cast through the complexities of their characters. Next to her, Tom, a shy teenager with dreams of the West End, transforms before their eyes into the play’s tragic hero, his initial hesitation giving way to a compelling vulnerability that tugs at the heartstrings.

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