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Now most of you know that Writer’s Effect (Question 2(d) of Paper 1) is the most difficult part of the 0500 First Language English examinations and I’ve received so many questions and comments from those of you out there who have questions about this.

With that in mind, here is a resource I created for every single one of you!

This is a sample response that you can use for the purpose of understanding how to write an effective Writer’s Effect (Question 2(d)) response.

The first sample response is tailored for the Writer’s Effect question in March 2022, Paper 1 Variant 2, and you will need a free or premium membership in order to access it and also the rest of the responses, which are all written to the highest possible specifications according to the rubric and will help you get a clear idea of how to write effectively.

The question is provided – please reference the relevant past year paper and insert in order to understand it – you may get your past papers from online resources such as PapaCambridge or PastPapers.co – download 0500_m22_in_12 and 0500_m22_qp_12 in order to get the question papers. 🙂

Writer’s Effect Sample Answer – March 2022, Paper 1 Variant 2

Sample Answer:

The overall effect of paragraph 4 in “Into the Delta” is to evoke a sense of peace and deep connection with nature. The phrase “utter tranquillity of swishing through the water lilies in the open lagoons” uses auditory imagery to create a serene and calming atmosphere. The description of the mokoro as “gently floating as though blown through the perfectly clear water” further enhances this sense of peacefulness and harmony with the natural world. The imagery of the narrator “lay[ing] back on my backpack” contributes to a feeling of relaxation and being at one with the environment.

Hope you enjoyed that!

The responses are tailored directly to the rubric for P1 and all Cambridge requirements, and they will help you to learn how to write your responses in a way that will meet the criteria and also accomplish the goal of getting yourself the best possible grade.

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  1. Tehmina Adnan

    Thank you for exceleent sgharing. However, it would be a better service if you could respond to the rest of the variants to your free members like me

    1. victortanws

      Thank you for reading! You’ll enjoy Premium if you choose to get it at a later point. Thank you in advance for the support if you choose to do so, and please don’t worry as you will have access to some of the other guides here as well.

      Have a good day ahead, and good luck!

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