Describe a wild place.

The sun was setting behind the craggy peaks, as an eagle’s cry pierced the veil of silence enveloping the ancient forest. There was an undeniable, primordial essence that seemed to ooze from the very roots of the towering pines, binding all who dared enter to the earth’s eternal dance. I stood at the mouth of a path where shadows leaped and flickered like ethereal guardians warning of trepidations beyond human cognizance.

The underbrush crunched beneath my boots, whispering secrets of days when giants ruled the land. A waterfall roared in the distance; its voice was thunder and foam, singing songs of countless ages. The air, redolent with the scent of damp earth and wildflowers, intoxicated me with every breath. My senses bathed in the vibrancy around, an endless quilt of greens and browns, interspersed with splashes of floral color that dotted the landscape.

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