Write a story that includes the words, ‘… this was like no creature I’d encountered before …’.

Sample Essay 1.

The sun had long disappeared behind the mountains, leaving a velvet sky sprinkled with stars. The small village below buzzed with excitement as villagers gathered around a bonfire, sharing stories of the enigmatic creature said to dwell in the nearby cave.

As an adventurer and seeker of the unknown, I felt compelled to unravel the truth behind the legend. With my gear in tow, I embarked on the journey, my heart pounding with anticipation.

The cave’s entrance loomed before me, an ominous mouth ready to swallow me whole. I ventured inside, feeling the chill of the damp air on my skin. The path twisted and turned, leading me further into the darkness. As my torch illuminated the cavern walls, I marveled at the intricate patterns etched into the stone.

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