Write a story which involves having to correct a mistake.’

The door to the art studio slammed shut, as Kevin’s heart pounded in his chest. He couldn’t believe what he’d done. The artist’s masterpiece, now marred by a thick streak of black paint. In a split-second of negligence, he had ruined Mr. Robertson’s years of work.

Kevin glanced at the clock; it was 5:30 PM. He had just an hour before the artist’s grand exhibition. Desperation fueled him, as he searched the room frantically for a way to fix the error. Among the easels and paintbrushes, he found a palette with a myriad of colors that seemed to match the painting.

As he meticulously began to restore the damaged section, he thought about how he’d ended up in this position. Kevin had been Mr. Robertson’s apprentice for the last six months, learning the nuances of color, texture, and form. He admired the artist’s dedication and hoped to one day create his own masterpieces. But this mistake could tarnish their relationship forever.

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