Describe the contents of a drawer or cupboard.

IGCSE First Language English 0500, October-November 2023 Variant 3 – Paper 2, Question 3.

Prompt: Describe the contents of a drawer or cupboard.


The drawer creaked open, revealing its secrets in the muted light. At first glance, it seemed a mere chaos of forgotten items: a tangled mass of memories and daily trivialities. But each object, each piece, told a story, painting a vivid picture of moments both monumental and minute.

Front and center lay a collection of photographs, their edges curled with age. These were snapshots of laughter, of tears, of people who had drifted away or drawn closer with the passage of time. Beneath them, a layer of letters and postcards, the handwriting varying from the meticulous to the hurried scrawl, spoke of a world before instant messaging, of a time when words took days to reach their destination and were savored upon arrival.

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