Directed Writing – Summer 2022, Paper 2 Variant 1

Summer 2022, Paper 2, Variant 1, Sample Answer (Question 1)

Question 1
A relative is considering moving to another country where they and their teenage children will
have to learn a new language.
Write a letter to your relative giving your views about whether or not this is a good idea.
In your letter you should:
• evaluate the ideas, opinions and attitudes in both texts
• explain how successful you think the move will be for the adults and their children.
Base your letter on what you have read in both texts, but be careful to use your own words.
Address both of the bullet points.
Write about 250 to 350 words.
Up to 15 marks are available for the content of your answer, and up to 25 marks for the
quality of your writing.

Dear Anneliese,

I hope this letter finds you well and brimming with excitement for your prospective adventure. The idea of moving to another country and embracing a new language is indeed a significant step. After delving into a couple of insightful texts on bilingualism, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on how this move could shape the future for you and your teenage children.

Firstly, the journey towards becoming bilingual is described as an enriching experience that goes beyond mere language acquisition. It’s fascinating how, in one account, a parent observed not only the swift uptake of a new language by their children but also a delightful shift in their personalities. This underscores the profound impact bilingualism can have on identity and social interaction. The eldest child, typically abrupt, became sweeter in the new language, highlighting how language can influence behavior and expression.

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