Directed Writing – Summer 2023, Paper 2 Variant 3

Summer 2023, Paper 2, Variant 3, Sample Answer (Question 1)

Read Text A and Text B in the insert and then answer Section A, Question 1 on this question paper.

Question 1
A young child in your family has been selected to join an intensive training programme for their
chosen sport and is eager to join. The child’s parents have asked for your views about whether or
not their child should join.
Write a letter to the child’s parents. In your letter you should:
• evaluate the views, attitudes and ideas given in both texts
• discuss the factors the parents should consider before deciding
• based on what you have read, give your views on whether or not the child and their family will
benefit from the programme.
Base your letter on what you have read in both texts, but be careful to use your own words.
Address both of the bullet points.
Write about 250 to 350 words.
Up to 15 marks are available for the content of your answer, and up to 25 marks for the
quality of your writing.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lewandowski,

Warm greetings. The news of your Jarrick’s being selected for the elite Young Karate Master’s program has indeed stirred both excitement and contemplation within our family circle. As we stand at the crossroads of this significant decision, I am humbled by your request for my perspective, and after delving into thoughtful reflections on the narratives and insights presented in the discussions on young athletes and the dynamics of elite sports, I offer my thoughts for your consideration.

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