Write a story with the title, ‘Cancelled’.

It began with a single tweet, and her life unraveled like a poorly knit sweater. Monica, a famous lifestyle blogger, found herself at the center of a massive online storm. The tweet, unearthed from a decade ago, was a poorly-worded joke that now appeared insensitive and offensive. As the retweets piled up, so did the hate mail, the vicious comments, and the death threats.

Monica watched in horror as her once-pristine reputation crumbled. Friends and colleagues abandoned her, too afraid to be caught in the crossfire. Sponsorships dissolved overnight, and her once-bustling inbox now resembled a ghost town. As she sat alone in her apartment, she couldn’t help but think about the countless people she had inspired and connected with through her blog. Their faces blurred together, a sea of strangers who now seemed to despise her.

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