Describe an object you find hidden somewhere outdoors.

Paper: IGCSE First Language English (0500), Paper 2, variant 1 (0500_s21_qp_21), Question 2

Engrossed in the untamed symphony of the forest, my hands, smeared with the hues of the undergrowth, brushed against an unexpected metallic chill. Hidden beneath a blanket of decaying leaves and entwined in a web of roots, an antiquated timepiece lay obscure, a forgotten shard of human existence in this wilderness.

It was an old pocket watch, a token from an era long past. Its face, a faded bronze, was spangled with specks of rust but the hands, though battered, maintained their place with quiet dignity. Encased within a transparent cover, the inscribed Roman numerals whispered tales of time’s undying passage, forever frozen in their silent, stationary dance.

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