Directed Writing – Winter 2023, Paper 2 Variant 1

Winter 2023, Paper 2, Variant 1, Sample Answer (Question 1)

Question 1
Imagine that you are a student of a school which is considering whether or not to demolish an old
building on its site.
Write the speech you give to a meeting of local people, expressing your views.
In your speech you should:
• evaluate the ideas, attitudes and opinions about buildings given in both texts
• based on what you have read, justify your views on whether the school’s old building should
be replaced or reused.
Base your speech on what you have read in both texts, but be careful to use your own words.
Address both of the bullet points.
Write about 250 to 350 words.
Up to 15 marks are available for the content of your answer, and up to 25 marks for the
quality of your writing.

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed members of our community,

Today, we find ourselves at a crossroads regarding the future of our school’s old building. The dialogue around whether to replace or reuse this structure evokes deep reflection on progress, heritage, and sustainability. Drawing upon a broad spectrum of perspectives, I wish to illuminate the path forward with considerations grounded in both innovation and respect for our past.

The argument for replacing old buildings with new constructions is compelling, especially when considering the advancements in environmental sustainability and the well-being of occupants. Modern ‘green’ buildings promise reduced energy consumption, self-sustaining features, and a design that caters to the health and productivity of its users. Such innovations are not mere conveniences; they are essential steps towards a future where our infrastructure supports our planet and its inhabitants holistically.

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