Good morning, everyone!

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the way that the site is going to be and be organised in days ahead to hopefully give you a bit more organised of a browsing experience.

In the coming days, what you will see is that the materials on the site will be re-organised in phases.

The reason for the reorganisation, if it is not already immediately obvious, is to allow you easy access to our resources for a pleasant browsing experience right from the homepage rather than forcing you to navigate each time you need to look for something specific.

In particular, what you will soon see is that a table of contents will soon appear on the side that will allow you to easily navigate to different parts of it.

Think of it as your combination of a landing page and also a blog which you can immediately access each time you go to the homepage where the table of contents will allow you to easily navigate as you go through the site.

At the same time, please bear in mind that the table of contents will not encompass the full scope of what is available on the site, but instead will simply contain the essentials – the blog structure of this website will be maintained as we proceed through the days, and you will be able to see the most updated and recent post down below, so please just scroll down after you are done with the pinned post, and you will be able to see the majority of the site updates then.

Meanwhile, I would like to draw your attention to the search bar on the upper right – if you simply click upon it, you should be able to find a series of posts related to what you are looking for if you search some relevant keywords – search for narrative writing, for example, and you will find our bespoke guides to that material on the side right away – I thought that I would draw attention to it because it is rather small at the moment, and may not be seen by the visitors otherwise.

Thank you for your continued visits, and I look forward to serving you better in the days ahead – remember, if you find the site available, do share it with your friends, students, and even teachers so that they may make use of it on a greater level!



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