Welcome to the ultimate guide to conquering the 0500 First Language English exam!

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, we are confident that you’ll find some value here. The materials on this site will break down the IGCSE First Language English curriculum for you, offer you some helpful tips, and provide you both with a rough outline as well as in-depth guides to success, even and especially if you’ve never done well on this subject in the past.

Some of the materials are free, and others are premium materials accessible if you choose to purchase membership access.

Here is the site directory!

Site Directory:

  1. Syllabus-related
  2. Paper 1
  3. Paper 2
  4. Coursework
    • To be updated
  5. Text types
    • To be updated
  6. Tips for optimizing your time for exam practice
  7. Resources and publications
    • More to come!

Also, it IS a blog, so you’ll get some of my thoughts here, there, and everywhere.

First Language English isn’t easy, but I hope this helps you out!

If you find this work valuable, do consider sharing it over social media, sharing it with your students, feel free to integrate it into your lesson plans as well, and make sure to learn as much as you can during this epic time ahead 🙂

…What are you waiting for?

Go forth and succeed! Happy reading!

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