Hello all! Some of you wrote over asking why it was that you couldn’t purchase the 40 Excellent Descriptive and Narrative Compositions book from the site – it was because the page didn’t include the file initially. So sorry about this!

You should be able to purchase it now with no issues 🙂

You can purchase it here.

In case you don’t know what this is yet, it’s a collection of 40 excellent descriptive and narrative compositions that will give you ideas and thoughts about how to structure your thoughts when you’re writing descriptive and narrative compositions; each of the compositions within the book has been tailored to the highest possible standards according to Cambridge’s criteria, and this resource will be a wonderful guide for you as well as a source of inspiration for you no matter where you go along the journey.

Thank you for raising the problem to me to all of you who did, and if you choose to pick up the book, thank you for the support and I hope it’s majorly helpful to you!

With my very best wishes and hopes for your success as always,

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