Hello there! If you purchased the book recently, you are entitled to access the premium tier of this website; thank you so much and I hope that it will bring you to where you wish to go, and beyond as you embark on the journey that is education and the IGCSE!

Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power, to refine the membership tier and to bring you a great experience when it comes to the time for memberships to open, and if you don’t receive access within the next week (by 7th April 2023), do send me a message and I will add you in as soon as I can!

In the meantime, I’d also like to define the benefits that members of the premium tier will get briefly in this post, and will do so more extensively at a later point.

  • Full access to all guides
  • Full access to recorded courses 
  • Full access to worked solutions and responses for exams 
  • Priority access to posts
  • Full essay breakdowns and analysis
  • Live office hour (once weekly, at 9pm on Tuesdays via Zoom) 
  • Discounted access to future resources across the entire spectrum 

Additional membership tiers will be defined at a later point perhaps for schools as well, but this is the draft for what I am envisioning for the premium tier at this point in time.

Free members of the website, please know that you will continue to receive access to the same level of high-quality content that you have had access to up until now, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future – Premium will be a cut above though, and if you see value in that, our promotion to grant you one year of access in return for the purchase of the book is still ongoing, and approximately 150 redemptions remain. If you see value in this work, I look forward to seeing you in the members section!

In the meantime, premium members, do give us some time as we prepare the membership area content for you – looking forward to serving you soon!


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