Happy Lunar New Year to everyone out there who is celebrating!

I’ve had a wonderful time here in Malaysia with lots of food, good vibes, and enjoyable moments with friends and family, and I hope you’ve had the same and more as well!

It’s almost been a year of EnglishFirstLanguage.net (the site’s birthday is February 28th – the last day of the month of February… Though not this year, since we get an extra day!), and it’s been surreal to think about how this all just began as a small project with a desire to help you guys get better at this subject that I didn’t think would grow this big, but I guess it did!

No idea where this is going to stop, but we’re at about 7000 monthly active users at the moment and about 600 members signed up for different plans on the site. 

I’d also like to highlight that we’re currently offering a promotion (yay!) for the site, which will allow you to gain access to all of our resources at a yearly fee of just $150 (50% off!)

You can go ahead and sign up for your membership here.

Thank you all for the support this year and deep thanks to everyone out there for everything!

Can’t wait to bring you guys everything that’s coming up next! 


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