Today, something unfortunate happened:

The death of the IGCSE Malaysia Facebook group.

It seems that the admin of the group deleted it by accident, the net result of which is the loss of one of the most valuable spaces to have existed for discussing the IGCSE amongst Malaysians and to a degree, people at large throughout the world.

It was a group that contributed a lot to the IGCSE ecosystem in Malaysia, serving over 50,000 members from across Malaysia and no doubt across the world as well, who treated group as a place to exchange resources and various other things of that nature.

It was a most unfortunate loss of a space where many parents and students had the opportunity to just engage in dialogue and to discuss different matters across the entire gamut of different things within the IGCSE and also beyond. I asked a little bit about what had led to this situation and discovered from the admin of the group that essentially it had disappeared because of mysterious circumstances.

Up until now, I still don’t understand exactly what had happened but ended up mourning the loss for a while, only to make the decision to create a brand new IGCSE group.

If you happen to be from Malaysia or you have some sort of special attachment to the country or you just really vibe with some of the people here, then do consider joining this new IGCSE Malaysia Facebook group that I’ve created for the purpose of filling the void created by this loss.

The URL is simple:

It’s a group that’s dedicated towards discussing all aspects of the IGCSE across syllabi and across different subjects and hopefully in time it will become a forum for lots of different people to talk about the IGCSE and to also face challenges together as we seek out the best way of educating the younger generation of Malaysian talents to seek out better lives for themselves; I hope you’ll join us!

The loss of the original IGCSE Malaysia is a big one, but I hope that it will not be a lasting one. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance in fact that you came from that group in some way, shape or form, although I think nowadays the distribution of people who read this is more tailored to words, people who have come from Google or various other search engines of that nature.

Nonetheless, to those of you who came from that initial group at the outset, and those of you who eventually became my clients, friends and associates, thank you for being a part of that group together with me, and I hope that you’ll join me in this new one.

Thanks a lot and I’ll look forward to catching you guys soon!


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