Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this brand new sample essay (descriptive writing), written in response to the prompt:”Write a story that includes the words, ‘… I realised it was my responsibility.'”

It is completely free – just sign up for a membership if you’d like to access it (totally free!).

Anyway, that whole shebang isn’t the point – the point is that I had a funny encounter with my cousin about this descriptive essay as I was thinking about the picture to use alongside the story I’d written.

Initially, it began with a discussion about how the fire scene looked plain and impersonal…

Then it turned into a discussion about how the guy looked like he wasn’t really leading but he looked like he was gonna be the first person to die (LOL).

…Then it transformed into a discussion about how the kid looked like her brother (my other cousin – Jevan if you’re out there THIS IS YOU):

…And eventually we ended up using a picture of the reliable-looking gentleman whom you see as the featured character of this post.

Enjoy the sample essay, friends! Have a wonderful week ahead, and look forward to more in the days ahead! 😀


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