Hi everyone! Have you guys been enjoying the site? You might notice that the site’s design is a little chopped up right now – do bear with it as we update certain elements of the site and grow it to scale!

Thank you for visiting, and do remember to share this project with your students and friends alike if you find the materials useful! We are also always looking out for collaborators, so if you know someone who is an English teacher or is a master of the knowledge of how to teach IGCSE English, please direct them to this page and ask them to contact me 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s what’s on my mind at the moment:

  1. Memberships: We will be introducing memberships to this site soon, which will bring you guys access to an expanded crop of materials such as sample essays, exam paper walkthroughs, and additional resources!

    We will be creating both teacher and tutor access alongside student access as well, and teachers will be able to request access for their students as well. If there is demand, we will also create institutional access for schools so schools can grant access to students as a whole; please contact us about your specific use case, and we will get back to you!

    P.S. I notice that some of you actually clicked on the memberships page right when I created it as a trial for the site – while we’re not quite ready just yet, thank you so much for your enthusiasm!!
  2. Live classes: We will begin organizing live classes for IGCSE 0500 Live English Tuition if there is demand – please fill in this form if you are interested in a trial class or if you are interested to register for a specific type of class, and I will contact you later 🙂
  3. Online store: We will be introducing a store where you’ll be able to pick up resources and materials that we recommend, which includes specific resources that we recommend, past papers, as well as resources produced by FirstLanguageEnglish and our team of experienced teachers and collaborators!
  4. Resources page: We will be talking about different resources that we recommend that you utilize in your journey forward such as study resources, specific books (where to buy IGCSE English books in Malaysia, etc), etc. This may also eventually just take the form of a blog post, but do bear in mind that it is something I think is important to discuss in the days ahead.

Thank you so much for visiting this site and for your support both on Facebook and otherwise, and I look forward to serving you guys further!


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