Dear all,

Thank you for sharing our work and helping to advance the cause of First Language English in Malaysia!

Based on what I can see from this graph and also from the lovely comments of support out there, many of you are sharing this work far and wide to many different people around you; it would be difficult to imagine that 500 of you would have already visited the site in the short time that we have been active!

Thank you deeply for your support!!!

I’ll have to interrupt that touching expression of gratitude for a while, because we are far from done; there are two specific things that I would like to raise today!

The first of these is the posting schedule of this site.

We will be posting on this site a minimum of once per week, although it may be more.

You may expect updates on the site to take place at minimum on either Tuesday by 5pm MYT, or by Friday at 5pm MYT.

Do check back once in a while, and you will find some content that you should be able to share and that I hope you will find valuable!

The second of these things is content suggestions.

This blog exist to serve your needs, and it will grow in the ways that you want to grow.

This is only natural, since any piece of writing, if it is to survive for any meaningful duration of time, must fulfil the needs of its audience.

Even Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) agrees.

Any piece of writing must accomplish the act of generating value for the audience as well – that is why we repeatedly ask you to consider the audience in your writing.

Let me put it more specifically to those of you who are students out there:

If what you are writing does not serve the needs of the person who is reading it, they will not read it willingly, and even if they do, they are unlikely to be impressed. Examiners often read scripts because they have to… It’s their job.

But what if you were so incredible at writing that you made your script a joy for them to read? What if you created an experience with your words that catalyzes something that they will discuss in their examiner reports (important – to be discussed) with a sense of joy and enthusiasm, and talk about when they share their experiences with their friends and family?

A group of IGCSE examiners screaming wildly in response to the reading of a specific essay
Seen: IGCSE examiners discussing your essay 😅


Here on this website, we have a sense of what you need as a result of our experiences with numerous students, teachers, tutoring sessions, and otherwise, and we will continue to go forth to bring you advice about writing, book reviews, guides towards writing well, sample essays (free and premium, updated regularly), and will transition as well.

Still, we are not perfect.

We are human.

We will do our very best and beyond to try to create a good resource with the best information, best guidance, everything…

But we will inevitably miss the mark, because we cannot know what is inside your hearts – but we hope to move closer and closer to directly catalyzing the sparks of innovation, the love for literature, the mastery of language that you deeply seek and that we know, since you are here, to be deeply important to you to master either to yourself, your family, or your future.

We cannot possibly know what goes on inside your heads, what you want, what direction your dreams will lead to.

With that in mind…

If you have a piece of content that you would like to suggest, or if you would like to write for us as a guest contributor all on a freelance basis, please go ahead and fill in these forms:

  1. Content Suggestion Form
  2. Writer Application Form

Please share the posts and the forms with your friends, colleagues, students, teachers, and so on!

And so, that’s it!

Thank you for being a part of this epic journey to improve English language mastery for the Cambridge IGCSE 0500 First Language English examination, it’s a joy to serve you all as always, and have an incredible one ahead!

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