This week was a pretty momentous week for me, all things considered – I moved into the week with a few new students, started a TikTok feed… And managed to finally start a Facebook Page (please like and support!) and managed to collect about 7 reviews from the parents who’ve worked with me. Haven’t really started collecting reviews from my current crop of students just yet, but hope to do so when we start getting

There were a few other things that happened along the way, all of which were good, but I feel that I’m achieving my mission of starting to inspire and serve others well… Mainly because of this:

With that being said, I’m tremendously grateful for all of you here at EnglishFirstLanguage for reading this site, being a part of it, and growing alongside me on this journey.

Here are a few free descriptive and narrative essays for this week – they were extremely enjoyable to write, and they are temporarily made free for you to read and will be moved back into the Premium section during the course of the next update 🙂

First, some Descriptive Essays.

Next, here are some Narrative Essays.

I hope you enjoyed these essays! If you want to join an IGCSE First Language English class or just want to know how I can help you, please feel free to fill in this form, or drop me a WhatsApp here.

Alternately, you may scan the QR code below:

And that’s it from me! Thanks a lot, and see you guys again soon!

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