Earlier last week, I started working with a series of SAT students from China, and decided to create a grammar worksheet.

One full week later, it’s 137 pages and counting, and this will be the third book I’ve written this year (many of you have purchased the second one – if not, pick it up here!)

I guess it’s not really a normal thing for a teacher to do to create a full on grammar book, but the reason I’m doing this is simple:

First Language English doesn’t focus extensively on helping students learn how to use grammar – that’s more of an earlier Key Stage situation… But the problem with many students is that despite finishing coming out from their Checkpoint years, they often end up with a poor mastery of the English language and a poor understanding of how to proceed in their writing.

Accordingly, this is going to be something that I’ll use with my classes for the sake of preparing my students, and if you’re enrolled, you’re going to receive a free copy or may end up inadvertently testing it out – thanks in advance for serving as one of my testers! I’m confident that it will help you level up as a student as you prepare for a variety of exams.

I may also post sections of the content here on EFL.net or as a series of pages – haven’t quite decided just yet.

On another note, you’ll find me on TikTok!

Basically, I started creating some content about grammar there – these are more short form videos that should be easy for you to watch and learn about. A YouTube channel will follow soon, in addition to what you see here on this website 🙂

Here’s a fun example:


Have you ever heard of dummy subjects? Let me just go out right here and tell you that they are not subjects with 30 IQ points gone – discover more in this new video, happy learning, and remember to follow for more grammar tips and good vibes! ✨ #LearningEnglish #learnontiktok #didyouknow #malaysianteacher #englishgrammar

♬ Cooking show, cute piano violin – ISAo

If you think that was educational, do consider dropping me a follow as I explore the strange world of TikTok, and level up both as a teacher and as your friendly neighborhood site maintainer 😀

More updates and so much more to share with you all soon! Excited!!


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