Hi everyone! This is decidedly not English-related, but tomorrow I will be embarking on a new collaboration with a Teacher Herman, a current Malaysian student from Harvard university.

Herman is a rising sophomore at Harvard University studying Integrative Biology, and one of the 6 Malaysian students who were admitted to Harvard’s Class of 2026. Hailing from the vibrant city of Penang, Herman brings a genuine passion for learning and will surely be a wonderful mentor on your learning journey!

Having excelled in his studies, Herman achieved outstanding results in both his A-level examinations at KYUEM, securing 4A* in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, as well as in SPM where he obtained 10A+.

When he’s not buried in textbooks, you’ll find him exploring different realms of knowledge. Despite having enjoyed chess for years, he abhors memorizing an endless list of chess openings and his distaste of rote memorization drives him to focus on conceptual understanding. He finds solace in the pages of thought-provoking books, where new ideas and perspectives fuel his curiosity and inspire him to learn more.

To join our trial class, drop me a WhatsApp here: https://wa.link/o1om7y

Thank you!


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